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Tabular Functions
Add All Rows Or Columns
Add Columns
Average All Rows Or Columns
Average Columns
Baseline Over Time
Buffer Table Rows
Concatenate Columns
Convert Columns
Count By Bands
Count Unique Values
Count Unique Values By Time
Create Selector List
Delta And Rate Rows
Delta Rows
Distinct Values
Divide Columns
Ensure Columns
Ensure Timestamp Column
Evaluate Expression By Row
Filter And Extract Matches
Filter By Pattern
Filter By Row
Filter By Time Range
First Table Rows
Format Table Columns
Get data server connection status
Group By Time
Group By Time and Unique Values
Group by Unique Values
Join Outer
Last Table Rows
Mark Time Gaps
Max All Rows or Columns
Max Columns
Min All Rows or Columns
Min Columns
Modulo Columns
Multiply Columns
Percent Columns
Pivot On Unique Values
Rename Columns
Select Column
Set Column Type
Sort Table
Split String
String to Table
Subtotal By Time
Subtotal By Unique Values
Subtract Columns
Table Contains Values
This section lists the Dashboard functions that operate on or return tabular data.

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