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Delta And Rate Rows
Returns a table that includes a rate-of-change column as well as a delta column for each specified data column. The function returns a table including, for the specified columns, new values for the difference between this update and the previous, along with the rate of change per second. The new values may be appended to the input table in columns named by prefixing Delta and Rate to the column name, or the delta columns may replace the corresponding input columns (the rate columns will still be appended to the table).
This function has the following arguments:
*Table: Table of interest
*Delta Column Names: Names of one or more columns for which deltas will be calculated. At least one name must be given.
*Index Column Names: Names of one or more columns that uniquely identify a row in the table. If left blank, the default is to calculate deltas for all rows as if they had the same value. The values contained in each index column are concatenated to form a unique index used to organize the resulting summary data..
*Time Column Name: Name of a timestamp column that will be used to calculate the rate of change. A name must be given. If the specified column is not found in the data it will be added, and its values will be taken from the current time on each update.
*Replace Data With Deltas: If set to 1, the delta values replace the original values in the same column in the returned table; otherwise they are in new columns appended to the table.
*Display Negative values: If set to 1, the delta values less than zero will be displayed with a negative sign and the value; otherwise they will be displayed as zero.
This function returns a table.

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