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Pivot On Unique Values
Returns a table in which row data from a specified table is rotated into columns.
The function has the following arguments:
*Pivot Name Column: Text string that specifies the column containing values that become new column names in the returned table.
*Key Column: Text string that specifies the column used to group rows containing unique names in Pivot Name Column into a single row.
*Pivot Value Column: Text string that specifies the column containing the data of interest. All consecutive rows that contain the same value in Key Column have the data in the Pivot Value Column subtotaled into the same row of the resulting table, in the appropriate column.
*Name List: Text string that specifies values for which columns should be included in the returned table. To include columns in the returned table for names that are not present in Pivot Name Column, specify a semicolon-separated list of names.
*Restrict to Name List: Numerical value that determines whether the returned table contains columns only for items in Name List. If set to 0 or if Name List is not specified, all unique values from Pivot Name Column are included in the returned table; otherwise only values from the Name List are included.
This function returns a table.
The bar chart and the second table (labeled Pivot Customer), below, are attached to the function defined by the following dialog. The first table's data table is attached to the argument Table.
Pivot On Unique Values example

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