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Format Table Columns
Returns a copy of a specified table with specified formats applied to specified columns.
This function has the following arguments:
*Table to Format: Table whose columns are to be formatted.
*Column Format(s): Text string that specifies the columns to format and the formats to use. The string consists of column-name:column-format. Separate pairs with a semicolon. Separate column name from column format with a colon. Enclose a column name in single quotes if it contains a space.
Specify the column format based on the Java format specification, or with the following shorthand: $ for money values, $$ for money values with additional formatting, or () for non-money values, formatted similar to money. For example, if Column Format(s) contains the pair 'Units Completed':$, the Units Completed column in the returned table is formatted for money. Both positive and negative formats can be supplied, for example: #,###;(#,###).
The function accepts date/time patterns for formatting columns of type Date. For example consider a column Timestamp with the value Sep 06, 2008 7:27:36 AM. If it is formatted with 'Timestamp':'MM/dd/yyyy' the result is 09/06 /2008. If it is formatted with 'Timestamp':'hh:mm:ss' the result is 07:27:36. For the full list of formatting codes, see the Java documentation for the class SimpleDateFormat.
The function returns a table.

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