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Subtotal By Time
Returns a table that contains subtotals for the data in a given table. Subtotals are provided for a specified number of specified time intervals.
The function has the following arguments:
*Table: Table for which subtotals are to be provided. The Table must contain a time column and a number column.
*Date Parts Per Interval: Numerical value that specifies he size of each interval in Date Parts.
*Number Of Intervals: Numerical value that specifies the number of intervals to include in the summary table. The returned table contains one row for each interval. If set to 0, one subtotal row is provided for the entire table.
*Date Part: Text string that specifies the date unit to use. Enter s, m, h, d, w, M, q, or y, for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. The default unit is seconds.
*Date Format: Text string that specifies the format of times in the returned table. Specify a pattern string suitable for use with the Java SimpleDateFormat class. For example, the format EEE, hh:mm a results in a string of the form exemplified by Wed, 05:32 PM. Use q, qqq or qqqq for short, medium or long versions of quarter notation. For example, qqq-yyyy results in a string of the form exemplified by Qtr 1-2005. If no Date Format is given, dates are expressed in the form exemplified by 08/30/03 05:32 PM. If no Date Format is given, the type of the first column in the returned table is Date; otherwise it is String.
*Use Column Names: Numerical value (0 or 1) that determines whether original column names are retained in the returned table. If Use Column Names is set to 1, original column names are retained. If set to 0, columns are given generic names. Generic column names are useful when the data attachment for the Table argument uses a substitution that causes the column names to change when the substitution changes.
This function returns a table.

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