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Create Selector List
Returns a two column table containing selector names and their corresponding values to be presented in a dropdown list. The first column contains selector names and the second column contains their values. The returned table consists of the first two columns of a specified table, optionally modified by sorting, and with the optional addition of a row that contains a specified selector name in the first column and the value * in the second column. If the input table has only one column its contents are used for both the selector names and values.
This function has the following arguments:
*Selector Table: Table whose data is to be presented in a dropdown list.
*All Selector Name: Text string that controls whether an initial row is added to the returned table that contains. If you specify a value, a row is added whose first column contains the specified value and whose second column contains the value *.
*Sort Values: Numeric value that controls whether the returned rows are sorted. Set this argument to 1 in order to sort the returned rows by selector name. The sort is numerical, if all the selector names are numbers; otherwise the sort is alphabetical.
*Sort Descending: Numeric value that controls whether returned rows are sorted in descending order, if the argument Sort Values is set to 1.Set Sort Descending to 1 in order to sort selector names in descending order. Set the argument to 0 (or leave it blank)) in order to sort selector names in ascending order.
This function returns a table.

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