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Get data server connection status
Returns a table that contains status information for the data server being used by the current dashboard.
The table has the following columns:
*Name: __default for the default data server, or the name of a named data server
*Connected: True if the server connection is operational; False otherwise
*Status: OK if connection is operational, no connection if there is no connection to the server, or no service if there is an HTTP connection to the rtvdata servlet but the servlet has no connection to its data server
*ConnectionString: URL for an HTTP connection to the rtvdata servlet or hostname:port for a direct socket connection to a data server
*ReceiveCount: Number of data transmissions (pushes) received from the server
*ReceiveTime: Time of the most recent data transmission from the server
*Config: String that identifies data server version
The function has no arguments.
This function returns a table.

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