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Count Unique Values
Returns a table that lists unique values and their counts from the specified table column.
The function has the following arguments:
*Table Column: Data table column whose values are to be counted.
*Value List: Table column that specifies values for which a count is to be performed. If you do not supply this argument, counts are returned only for values present in Table Column. Use this argument to include rows in the returned table for values that are not always present in Table Column. If you specify this argument, the returned table includes a row for each specified value, even if the count for some values is 0.
*Restrict to Value List: Numerical value (0 or 1) that determines whether a count is performed only for values in Value List. If Restrict to Value List is set to 0, all unique values from the Table Column are included in the returned table. If Restrict to Value List is set to 1 and Value List is specified, only rows from the Value List are included.
*Use Column Names: Numerical value (0 or 1) that determines whether original column names are retained in the returned table. If Use Column Names is set to 1, then original column names are retained. If set to 0, columns are given generic names (for example, Subtotal1 and Total1). Generic column names are useful when the data attachment for the Table argument uses a substitution that causes the column names to change when the substitution changes.
This function returns a table.

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