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Last Table Rows
Returns a table containing one of the following:
*Last n rows of a specified table, for a specified number, n.
*Last n rows for each unique combination of values in a specified set of columns in a specified table, for a specified number, n.
This function has the following arguments:
*Table: Table some of whose rows are to be returned.
*Index Column Names: Text string that specifies the column or columns to be used to form indexes. Separate column names with a semicolon. If this argument is not supplied, the function returns the last Number of Rows of Table. If this argument is supplied, the function forms indexes by concatenating the values contained in each index column, and returns Number of Rows rows for each index.
*Number of Rows: Numerical value that specifies the number rows to be returned, or the number of rows with each index value to be returned.
The function returns a table.

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