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Gadgets are re-usable components for customizing your business monitoring views. You can customize AppSpaces, landing page, process details page, and task details page in Business Console by using:
*Built-in gadgets
*Customized gadgets created in Software AG Designer and deployed to My webMethods Server
Built-in gadgets retrieve data from the same servers configured with Business Console, whereas the user-created or customized gadgets created in Designer can be configured to use different servers. Both built-in gadgets and user-created gadgets can be customized further by configuring the settings of individual gadgets. For each gadget you need to use in Business Console, the access permission for that gadget must be set for you in My webMethods Server.
When you design your own gadget using Designer, make sure the views and actions of the gadget function within a Business Console AppSpace.
Creating new AppSpaces using gadgets
Editing AppSpaces
Customizing gadgets
Managing AppSpace groups
Customizing process details page using gadgets
Customizing task details page using gadgets
Creating gadgets using Software AG Designer
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Assigning gadget permissions
Assigning AppSpace permissions
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