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Exporting an AppSpace As a .cdp File
You can export an AppSpace as a .cdp format file. After exporting, you can import an AppSpace to a My webMethods Server instance. Importing an AppSpace enables you to access the AppSpace from other Business Console applications. For information about importing an AppSpace, see Importing an AppSpace.
To export an AppSpace
1. As system administrator, log on to My webMethods Server.
2. Navigate to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export.
3. In the Migration Source Type field, select Single Object.
4. In the Migration Mode field, select Export, and then click Next.
5. In the Export Name field, type a name for the export file.
6. In the Item to export field, click Browse.
The Browse dialog box appears.
7. Navigate to Folders > Custom Applications > Business Console Dashboard Container.
8. Select an AppSpace to export, and then click Select.
9. Select the following components to export:
*Create Auto Deployable Component
*Export Access Control Lists
*Export User Scoped Preferences
10. Click Next.
A file download dialog appears for downloading the wm_exportName.cdp file, where exportName is the name specified in the Export Name field.
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