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Assigning AppSpace and AppSpace Group Access Permissions
For users to view, modify, and delete AppSpaces and groups, the administrator must set the access permission in My webMethods Server.
By default, My webMethods Server users have the view permission for AppSpaces. The administrator can remove the view permission if necessary.
To assign permissions
1. Log in as Administrator to My webMethods Server.
2. Navigate to Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Permissions Management.
3. Select one of the following from the Resource Type list.
*To select an AppSpace, select Business Console AppSpaces.
*To select an AppSpace group, select Business Console AppSpace Group.
4. Click Search.
5. Move the required AppSpaces or AppSpace Groups to the Selected list, and click Next.
The list of users, groups, and roles appears.
6. Click Edit corresponding to the user, group, or role. If the user is not listed, click Add to add a user, group, or role. For more information about user management, see the Administering My webMethods Server guide.
7. Select Grant for each permission that you want to assign.
8. Click OK.
9. Click Apply.
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