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Editing AppSpace Using Gadgets
Use the procedure below to edit an existing AppSpace.
To edit an AppSpace
1. In the AppSpace tab, select the AppSpace you want to edit.
2. Click and select Edit AppSpace.
3. Edit the AppSpace and configure the gadgets.
*To add gadgets to the AppSpace, click Add Gadget in each container.
The Add New Gadget dialog displays the gadget categories on the left panel, and lists the gadgets of the selected category on the right panel. Additionally, information about a gadget appears on the dialog when you select the gadget. For information about built-in gadgets and events, see Understanding Built-in Gadgets.
*Click Expand/Collapse, if you want to expand or collapse all gadgets in the AppSpace.
The names of all gadgets included in the AppSpace are displayed when gadgets are collapsed. This action enables you to view all gadgets in the AppSpace without having to scroll down to the end of the page.
*To modify the AppSpace, click Configure.
*To configure each gadget in the AppSpace, click corresponding to the gadget.
*Select Gadget Settings to specify the gadget settings.
For configuring a built-in gadget, see Understanding Built-in Gadgets. For configuring a user-created gadget, the parameters available for configuration depends on the design of each gadget.
*Select Server Settings to specify from which server the user-created gadget should retrieve data. A user-created gadget can be configured to connect to:
*My webMethods Server
*Integration Server
*AgileApps Cloud
*Other SAML 2.0 authenticated server
This option is not available for built-in gadgets. All built-in gadgets use the same server settings as configured for Business Console. You cannot change the server configuration for individual built-in gadgets.
*To remove a gadget, click corresponding to the gadget.
4. Click and select Set as Landing Page, if you want to set the AppSpace as the landing page for Business Console.
5. Click and select Set as Landing Page for Specific Users, if you want to set the AppSpace as the landing page for specific Business Console users.
6. Click and select Delete AppSpace, if you want to remove the AppSpace.
7. Click and select Clone AppSpace, if you want to clone the AppSpace. Cloning creates a new AppSpace with the same layout and gadgets as in the existing AppSpace.
8. Click and select Export AppSpace, if you want to export the AppSpace. For more information, see Exporting an AppSpace As an .xml File.
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