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Exporting an AppSpace As an .xml File
Only users with administrator privileges can export an AppSpace.
You can export an AppSpace as an .xml format file. After exporting, you can import an AppSpace to a My webMethods Server instance. Importing an AppSpace enables you to access the AppSpace from other Business Console applications.
When you import an Appspace, the group associations of the Appspace are also imported.
To export an AppSpace
1. In the Appspace tab, select the AppSpace you want to export.
2. Click and select Export AppSpace. An .xml file is generated and downloaded automatically.
You can import an .xml file into Business Console by deploying the xml file on My webMethods Server. See Administering My webMethods Server for more information. The Appspace gets deployed on My webMethods Server and is available on Business Console. The same .xml file can be imported by deploying to My webMethods Server.
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