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Understanding Built-in Gadgets
You can use built-in gadgets to customize AppSpaces in Business Console.
You can view built-in gadgets in the Add New Gadget dialog box. The Add New Gadget dialog box displays built-in gadgets in the following categories:
*Business Console - Common. These built-in gadgets are for all instance types such as processes, tasks, and cases.
*Global Activity Stream
*Instance List Management
*People Picker
*Work Stream
*MashZone NextGen
See Common Gadgets .
*Business Console - Case. These built-in gadgets are for cases.
*Case Activity
*Case Business Data
*Case Comments
*Case Details Header
*Case Lookup
*Workflow and Activity Status
*Case Summary
*Case Task Business Data
*Case Task Details Header
*Case Task Summary
*Case Workflows
*Create Instance
*Hours Logged
*Workflow Diagram
See Case Related Gadgets.
*Business Console - Processes. These built-in gadgets are for processes.
*Callable Processes
*Process Comments
*Process Header
*Process Diagram
*Process Summary
*Process Tasks
*Process Timeline Diagram
See Process Related Gadgets.
*Business Console - Tasks. These built-in gadgets are for tasks.
*Task Charts
*Task Inbox
*Task Audit
*Task Business Data
*Task Comments
*Task Experts
*Task Header
*Task Summary
*Task Calendar
See Task Related Gadgets .
*Gadget Samples. To access gadget samples, the system administrator for My webMethods Server must install the gadget samples. For installation instructions, see Installing Sample Gadgets.
Gadget samples are not certified and Software AG does not provide support for gadget samples.
You can use the gadget settings, server settings, and events to configure a built-in gadget. Certain gadgets produce one or more events as a result of a user action or a change. Additionally, a gadget can subscribe to events produced by other gadgets to trigger an action. For example code that demonstrates how to configure events, see Code Samples. For more information about gadgets, see the Developing Gadgets for webMethods Business Console Guide.
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