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Configuring Communication Among MashZone NextGen Gadgets
Two or more MashZone NextGen gadgets can communicate with each other in Business Console provided they have a common entity in their data sets.
To configure a MashZone NextGen gadget to communicate with another
1. Click icon on the MashZone NextGen gadget.
The MZNG Settings dialog box appears.
2. In MZNG Settings dialog box, provide a Dashboard URL that corresponds to the MashZone NextGen instance that you want the gadget to communicate with.
3. Under Data Mappings, provide the following details:
Mapping ID
Provide a unique name for the mapping task.
Widget ID
Provide the Widget ID value.
Widget Parameter
Provide the Widget Parameter value.
Default Value
Provide an optional default value from the data set that you want to highlight by default on loading the MashZone NextGen gadget in Business Console. The default value or the selection gets overridden based on selections on other MashZone NextGen gadgets. Therefore, the default value might not be applicable if two or more communication-enabled MashZone NextGen gadgets are placed on the same AppSpace.
For instructions to identify the data mapping parameters, see the MashZone NextGen User and Developer Guide.
4. You can add multiple data entities in a data set to filter specific sets of data from a large data set. Click to add and delete a data mapping condition.
After configuring a MashZone NextGen gadget to communicate with another, you can select a data entity in one MashZone NextGen gadget to highlight the corresponding entity in the other.
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