This is a reference guide for all users of Com-plete, whether they be application programmers, terminal operators, system programmers, computer operators or system administrators. It describes all Com-plete online utility programs used to maintain your individual environment, access system objects, and maintain the Com-plete system as a whole, including all privileged functions.

Many of the utilities and functions described in this documentation require that you are specially authorized. A distinction is made beween the following:

  • General User:
    All users of Com-plete have access to utilities and functions available to the general user. If a utility or function is not marked otherwise in this documentation, it is available to the general user;

  • Control User:
    In order to have access to certain utilities and functions, you need control status. Those utilities and functions requiring control status are marked "Control User".

  • Administrator:
    Users with administrator status have access to all utilities described in this documentation. Those utilities and functions restricted to the administrator are marked "Administrator" and require knowledge of the maintenance password.

Note that control status is assigned to you through the user ID or model definition, or it can be overwritten in ULOGX1.

Utility Authorization Description
UATTACH - Start Background Program General starting an asynchronous (background) program to run in a thread in the Com-plete address space.
COM-PASS - Parallel Transaction Utility General Maintain several parallel sessions with Com-plete at the same time.
UCOPY - Print/Save Screen Utility General Print a copy of current screen at a printer or terminal.
UDEBUG - Application Debugging General assists you in locating problem and enables you to bypass a specific problem temporarily
UDD - DASD Display Utility (Control User) General Display of the contents of any record on a DASD device.
UDS - Data Set Maintenance Utility (z/OS Only) General Examine and modify characteristics of disk-resident data sets and system catalog entries (z/OS only).
UDUMP - Conversational Dump Display Utility General Display the content of online dumps.
UDYN - Dynamic Dataset Allocation and Deallocation (z/OS only) General Allocate and deallocate datasets to/from the Com-plete address space without having to restart Com-plete.
UDZAP - DASD Modification Utility (Control User) Control Perform modifications to records on DASD devices
UED - Line-Oriented Source Editor Utility General Edit source text using any available terminal device type with both input and output capability. This utility is designed specifically for use with hardcopy type devices.
UEDIT - Text Editor Utility General Edit source text and submit jobs from local and remote terminals.
ULIB - Program Catalog Maintenance Utility General/Control Maintain the Com-plete program catalog.
ULOG - Logon/Logoff Utility General Establish and terminate sessions with Com-plete; define your password.
UM - Message Switching/Printoutspooling Utility General Send messages to any terminal in the Com-plete network. Maintain and control the message switching and printout operations.
UMAP - Terminal Mapping Utility General Dynamically create, modify, and test maps on a 3270-type or compatible terminal.
UMATH - Mathematics Utility General Perform mathematical computations.
UP - Terminal Paging Utility General View data in a terminal paging data set created by an online program.
UPDLDSN - List Datasets (z/OS) or Libraries (VSE) General List datasets or libraries.
UPDS - Partitioned Data Set Maintenance Utility (z/OS Only) General Monitor and maintain members in a partitioned data set.
UQ - System Job Queue Display Utility General/Control Obtain system information. Enter operator commands and display operator WTO and WTOR messages.
USCAN - Scan Contents of PDS(E)/Library Datasets General Scan the contents of PDS(E)/Library datasets.
USERV - Library Service Utility (VSE Only) General Display library members and partition labels (VSE).
USPOOL - Printout Spooling Utility General Manage and distribute output to any online printer in the network.
USTOR - Storage Display Utility (Control User) Control Display and modify storage in the Com-plete system.
UTIMER - Com-Plete Timer Services Utility General Schedule certain functions.
UUTIL - Menu-Driven Utility Functions   Access functions via selection menus. Perform certain system monitoring and maintenance functions. The UUTIL facility replaces several different utilities (see Overview of Functions).
UZAP - Load Module Modification Utility General Modify loadmodule for testing purposes during your current session.