UUTIL - Menu-Driven Utility Functions

The UUTIL utility is a menu-driven facility for all users of Com-plete. With the UUTIL utility you can set up your personal Com-plete environment, and authorized users can also perform system monitoring and maintenance functions.

This document covers the following topics:

Command Format

To invoke the UUTIL utility main menu, enter one of the following commands:

*UUTIL Presents a menu with a list of utilities you are authorized to use, depending on your control status. From this menu, you can press PF10 to invoke the password prompt. Having entered the correct password, the menu with administrator utilities is displayed (Super User).
*UPROF (supported for compatibility reasons)
*UUTIL <maintenance-password> Presents the menu with administrator functions.

Alternatively, you can access UUTIL functions directly by specifying the corresponding two-character function code in the *UUTIL call using the format:

<*UUTIL call>/<function-code>


*UUTIL Displays general user menu.
*UUTIL <password> Displays the administrator menu (Super User).
*UUTIL/UL Displays the personal library ID subfunction of UUTIL.
*UUTIL <password> /UM Displays the User ID maintenance screen.

Overview of Functions

The following table lists each UUTIL function together with the utility it replaces (if any) and a brief description of its use:

Function Authorization Replaces Description
AI General UACCT Display accounting information about your session.
FK General UPF Display/set your personal utility PF keys.
FM Administrator UFILE Maintain file (DDN) definitions.
HC General USCHC Define a destination for screen-to-hardcopy.
HE General UHELP Provide online documentation for Com-plete utilities.
HM Administrator UHELPM Maintain Com-plete HELP data.
GL General UGLIB Display global library IDs.
MM Administrator UTMSG Maintain Com-plete System and User messages.
MO Control UCTRL Monitor and manipulate the status of the running Com-plete session.
NQ Administrator UENQ Monitor and manipulate System Enqueues.
PW General UPWD Change your logon password.
SD Administrator USDLIB Maintain SD files online.
SI General UINFO Display information pertaining to your installation.
TO Administrator   Set Com-plete trace options.
TT Administrator UDTIB TIBTAB maintenance.
TU Administrator   Terminal / User ID Group maintenance.
UD General UDEF Define your personal COM-PASS default settings.
UM Administrator ULOGM Maintain Com-plete User ID definitions.
UL General ULIBID Define your personal two-character library short-IDs. UP Administrator Maintain Com-plete default utility PF keys.
UP Administrator  UPF Allows you to assign commands to PF keys in the various Com-plete utilities.
ZA Administrator UZAPS Display information about COM / APS cumulative fix packs. Display / modify applymod settings for the current Com-plete session.