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About Process Development Views
About the Properties View
About the Outline View
About the Navigator View
About the Solutions View
About Team Development and Version Control
About the Saved Searches View
About the Search View
About the Rules Explorer View
About the Package Navigator View
About the Build Report View
About the Problems View
About the Error Log View
Process Development views are organized into perspectives. Each perspective contains a number of associated views, and each view contains a particular type of information about the process, or asset in the process. A view is not just for viewing information; some views allow advanced editing and configuration as well.
You can add views to or remove them from perspectives, and move views to different locations in Designer. Window > Show View > displays the current perspective's associated views. Designer provides access to a general Software AG category, for some shared views, as well as specific categories for Software AG Process Debug and, if installed, Software AG Process Simulation.
Eclipse does not support multiple instances of a single view in the tree structure. Views shared between Process Development and UI Development are listed in the general Software AG category.
Reset a perspective to reload all of its associated views. See Eclipse’s own help topic: Workbench User Guide > Tasks > Working with perspectives > Resetting perspectives.
The following views are available in the Process Development and Process Debug perspectives:
Designer View
 Properties view
 Outline view
 Navigator view
 Solutions view
 Registry Explorer view
See in webMethods BPM and CAF CentraSite Metadata Help.
 Package Navigator view
 Saved Searches view
 Search view
 Build Report view
 Problems view
 Error Log view
 Trace view
 Pipeline Data view
 Breakpoints view
 ARIS Tasks view
 Rules Explorer view
See About the Rules Explorer View and webMethods BPM Rules Development Help.
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