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About Team Development and Version Control
Locating the Files Associated with Assets for Version Control
Eclipse supports team development through the use of a version control system (VCS). These are sometimes also referred to as source code control systems. Some examples are Concurrent Versions System (CVS), Perforce, and CentraSite.
You can do the following:
*Obtain assets from a VCS and put them into your workspace from the Navigator view.
*Copy assets from your workspace into a VCS. You also do this from the Navigator view; however, from the Solutions view, you can easily locate the files associated with assets you want to copy.
For information about how to interact with a VCS using the Navigator view, see documentation provided with your VCS that describes the Eclipse plug-in to your VCS.
There is a .config file associated with the .process file. It is recommended that you manage the process using the Solutions view, which automatically handles these two files together. See About the Solutions View.
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