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About the Navigator View
The Navigator view is a standard Eclipse view that provides a tree view of all the assets in your workspace. You can use the Navigator view to open files for editing or select assets for operations such as exporting. If you are using Team Development, use the Navigator view to share assets in your workspace with other team members.
There is a .config file associated with the .process file. It is recommended that you manage the process using the Solutions view, which automatically handles these two files together. See About the Solutions View.
For more information about using Team Development, see About Team Development and Version Control. For more information about the Navigator view, see the Eclipse documentation included in the Software AG Designer Online Help.
The Navigator view is shown by default in the Process Development and Process Debug perspectives. If you close the Navigator view and want to reopen it, click Window > Show View >  Navigator.
An alternative to viewing your workspace using the Navigator view is to use the Solutions view. In the Navigator view, the tree structure lists files that are in your workspace. The Solutions view provides a simpler view that shows only your webMethods assets. In the Solutions view, the tree structure lists only the assets (for example, processes, tasks, and user interfaces) and not the individual files that make up those assets. If you have the Process Simulation feature installed, the Solutions view also shows process simulations. The Process Simulation feature is required to view process simulation files. See About Process Simulation .
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