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About the Pipeline Data View
The Pipeline Data view appears in the Process Debug perspective. It displays the output pipeline data of the step selected in the Trace view. You can expand the information displayed to see more details, providing an opportunity to troubleshoot the behavior of the overall process at the step level. You can also view and capture exception data.
You can copy the output pipeline of one or more steps. The Pipeline Data view displays errors if it encounters them, and allows you to capture the contents of those errors without having to locate the information in the log file.
The Pipeline Data view displays a table with the following information:
Shows the pipeline element field names.
Field Value
Shows the field value of the data at the selected step.
No pipeline data is shown for the row representing the overall process status.
The Pipeline Data view toolbar has the following buttons:
 Expand/collapse all items
 Expand/collapse all items
Click to expand a collapsed tree, or to collapse an expanded one. By default, Designer opens the collapsed view, and will automatically expand all items. This can be changed in Process Debug preferences. See Configuring Process Debug Preferences.
 Copy the pipeline for this step to the clipboard
Click to copy the pipeline data for the selected step to the clipboard.
 Copy the pipelines for all steps to the clipboard
Click to copy the pipeline data for all steps to the clipboard.
The Pipeline Data view reflects the process in the currently active process editor tab.
If you close the Pipeline Data view and want to reopen it, click Window > Show View >  Pipeline Data.
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