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About the Outline View
Using the Outline View
The Outline view is a standard Eclipse view. In Designer, it provides a tree view of the elements that are displayed in the process editor. Use it to locate elements on the process editor's canvas. This is especially helpful when the process editor contains many and/or a complex set of elements. When you select an element in the Outline view, it becomes the selected element on the canvas. As a result, other views that are specific to the selected element, such the Properties view, also display information for the selected element.
If you have the Process Simulation feature installed, you can also use the Outline view to manage processes in an open process simulation file. The Process Simulation feature is required to view process simulation files. See About Process Simulation .
When you first open the Process Development perspective, the Business Analyst mode is enabled by default. For more information, see About Process Development Modes. In Business Analyst mode, when you select a step in the Outline view, the Properties view displays only basic properties. To see advanced properties, preferences, and functions, you must select the Process Developer mode, as described in Configuring the Process Development Mode.
The Outline view is shown by default in the Process Development and Process Debug perspectives. If you close the Outline view and want to reopen it, click Window > Show View >  Outline.
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