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The ARIS Tasks View
The ARIS Tasks view displays tasks in the ARIS system (managed by the ARIS server) that correspond to process models that are ready for implementation in Software AG Designer.
When an ARIS user shares a process, an ARIS task is created, and Software AG Designer displays the task and its associated process model in the ARIS Tasks view. Use this view to import ARIS processes into Designer for implementation or editing.
Click the column headers to sort the list by Model or by Task. The initial list displayed is unsorted, and this option remains available after being resorted. The ARIS Tasks view includes tooltips that reflect the following properties of the selected ARIS model in the ARIS Tasks view:
ARIS database
Database where the process model is located
ARIS process model identification (ID)
ARIS Model Name
ARIS process model name
ARIS user
Username of the ARIS user associated with the process model
CentraSite URL
URL of the CentraSite database
CentraSite Model ID
Process ID in CentraSite
CentraSite URL and Site Model ID data require a CentraSite database configuration. These fields are blank for models without a CentraSite database. See ARIS Process Transformation.
If you close the ARIS Tasks view and want to reopen it, click Window > Show View > Other > ARIS Integration >  ARIS Tasks.
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