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What's New In Apama 5.3
New Apama queries capability
Apama Studio enhancements in 5.3
Log rotation enhancements in 5.3
EPL enhancements in 5.3
Correlator-integrated messaging for JMS enhancements in 5.3
Dashboard enhancements in 5.3
Killing an object now requires specification of a monitor name
New sample project showing how to manage Universal Messaging DataGroups
C++ and C Correlator plug-in API enhancements
Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 5.3
Platform changes in 5.3
JDK 7 now minimum JDK version supported
Removed and deprecated features in 5.3
Backwards incompatibility with persisted projects recovered to 5.3 from older versions
Apama 5.3 runs on the platforms listed in the Supported Platforms document for version 5.3. This is available from the following web page: http://documentation.softwareag.com/apama/index.htm. Be sure to consult that document for details about supported versions of operating systems, compilers, BigMemory, and Universal Messaging.
Apama 5.3 includes the following new features, enhancements, and changes.

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