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Platform changes in 5.3
Apama 5.3 runs on the platforms listed in the Supported Platforms document for version 5.3. This is available from the following web page: http://documentation.softwareag.com/apama/index.htm.
ADBC databases are now supported only using the drivers included with Apama (except for MySQL, which is supported using MySQL's driver). Use of the JDBC drivers is strongly recommended in all cases, and the use of ODBC drivers (those supplied with Apama and the MySQL ODBC driver) is deprecated in this release.
The 32-bit Windows platform is now supported only for development tasks. Production use of Apama is not supported on this platform.
Check the Apama 5.3 Supported Platforms document for details about the newer platform versions supported by Apama 5.3. Due to these upgrades, the following versions are no longer supported:
*Software AG Terracotta BigMemory 4.1.4.
*Software AG Universal Messaging 9.7 is no longer supported, for either JMS or native Apama messaging.
*Oracle Java 7 (update 25 and higher) is supported for only client-side (client API applications, dashboards) use. Oracle Java 6 is no longer supported.
*MySQL 5.1.35
*IBM DB2 9.5.
*HornetQ 2.3.0.
*Eclipse 4.3.
*Mozilla Firefox below version 31.
*Microsoft Internet Explorer below version 9.
*Apple Safari desktop below version 5. (NB: the supported Safari version on the iPad is unchanged).
*WebSphere Application Server

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