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Apama Studio enhancements in 5.3
The main enhancements to Apama Studio support the implementation of Apama query applications. New Apama Studio features include:
*Query Designer editor offers two views for defining and updating query definitions:
*Design — Business analysts define and update query definitions in this view. The Design tab provides an event palette and a canvas for defining an event pattern of interest. Toolbars, tooltips, and dialogs make it easy to define the events of interest to the query as well as any required parameters, conditions for finding matches, aggregate calculations and actions to take when a match set is found.
*Source — Application developers can define and update query definition source code in the EPL code editor available from the Source tab.
*Scenario Browser has been enhanced so that you can now use it to do the following:
*Create new instances of queries by specifying query parameter values.
*Change the parameter values for a query that is running.
*Monitor query activity in the local correlator.
*EPL Objects view: A new view that appears beside the outline view in the Apama developer perspective that shows logical view of Apama objects of an Apama project in a tree structure. The view presents monitors, events and aggregates available in the Apama project. It also has options to filter the tree content and group by.
*The Apama Workbench perspective default behavior is that it shows query and event files in addition to dashboard and scenario files.
*Exporting an Ant deployment script includes all files needed to deploy queries on a correlator host machine.
*Exporting a project to a correlator deployment package (CDP) can include any query files in your project.
*A default filter with value com.apama.* has been added to the Event Chooser dialog to automatically remove events in the com.apama namespace from the event list.
*All events starting with __ (two underscore characters) will be treated as internal events and automatically filtered from the Event Chooser, EPL Query, and EPL Objects View dialogs.

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