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Correlator-integrated messaging for JMS enhancements in 5.3
Enhancements to correlator-integrated messaging for JMS include the following:
*APIs for implementing custom mapper
Apama now provides APIs for implementing your own Java class for mapping between Apama event strings and JMS message objects. If the mapping tools provided with Apama do not meet your needs you can use these APIs to create a custom mapper. A custom mapper can handle some event types and delegate handling of other event types to the mapping tools provided with Apama or to other custom mappers. Typically, you will want to use the SimpleAbstractJmsMessageMapper class, which is in the com.apama.correlator.jms.config.api.mapper package.
*Apama mapping tools support custom resolvers and functions
The mapping tools for JMS that are provided with Apama have been enhanced to include support for custom resolvers.
*New APP_CONTROLLED reliability mode
Apama now supports JMS APP_CONTROLLED reliability mode for receivers. This reliability mode allows applications to implement no-loss messaging without using correlator persistence.
*New support for applications to send messages reliably without using correlator persistence. An application can request BEST_EFFORT senders to flush messages to the JMS broker. Applications are notified after all messages already sent to the JMS sender channel have been sent to the broker. The application defines a strategy for
*Preserving state that allows re-generation of messages in case of a correlator failure.
*Cleaning up preserved state after receiving an acknowledgement that all messages sent to a JMS receiver channel have been flushed to the JMS broker.
*JUEL mapping expressions that can be used to get or set elements of a JMS message now include resolver expressions for obtaining sender, receiver, and connection IDs.
Reference information for the APIs is provided in Javadoc format. Introductory and general information is in Connecting Apama Applications to External Components in the following topics:
*Implementing a custom Java mapper
*Using custom EL mapping extensions
*Receiving messages with APP_CONTROLLED acknowledgements
*Sending messages reliably with application flushing notifications
*JUEL mapping expressions reference for JMS

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