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New sample project showing how to manage Universal Messaging DataGroups
A new Apama sample project shows how Apama can
*Publish to Universal Messaging (UM) DataGroups
*Dynamically manage the membership of UM DataGroups as clients, known as DataStreams, connect and disconnect to the UM server.
UM DataGroups use a publish/subscribe messaging technology, which has a lightweight grouping structure that allows a remote process to manage the data received by each client.
Note: UM DataGroups use a completely different mechanism than the one used by JMS topics or UM channels, which can be accessed through Apama's correlator-integrated messaging for JMS or through UM native integration.
The new sample has two parts:
*A suggested EPL event API to expose the DataGroup publisher and manager functionality. It is implemented using a correlator plug-in that is written in Java. Complete source code is provided.
*A sample application that shows simple and advanced ways to use this API for publishing and/or managing DataGroups. This demonstrates the powerful combination of the Apama platform and the UM DataGroups feature.
For more information about the sample, see README.txt in APAMA_HOME/samples/universal_messaging/datagroups. For more information about UM DataGroups, refer to the Universal Messaging documentation.

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