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C++ and C Correlator plug-in API enhancements
Correlator plug-ins written in C++ and C can now return sequences. The APIs for developing correlator plug-ins in C++ and C have been enhanced as follows:
*The C++ API class AP_Type now defines the following functions:
*To set the length of an existing sequence:
void setSequenceLength(size_t length)
*To create a sequence that contains empty items of the type you specify:
void createSequence(AP_TypeDescriptor inner)
Also, AP_Type objects can now be directly assigned from one to another. For example, to return the first argument, regardless of type:
rval = args[0];
*The C API class AP_PluginType_Functions now defines the following comparable functions:
*void (AP_PLUGIN_CALL *setSequenceLength)(const AP_PluginType *obj, AP_uint32 len)
*void (AP_PLUGIN_CALL *createSequence)(const AP_PluginType *obj, AP_TypeDescriptor inner)
*void (AP_PLUGIN_CALL *copyFrom)(const AP_PluginType *obj, const AP_PluginType *other);
*For both C++ and C APIs, a sequence you create can contain items of type integer, float, boolean, string, or chunk.
For additional information, see Working with sequences.

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