Using NaturalONE

This documentation explains how to work with NaturalONE, which is the Eclipse-based development environment for Natural. It explains the basic functionality for Natural application development. Special topics such as the creation of rich internet applications or web services are explained in other parts of the NaturalONE documentation.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Starting NaturalONE How to start NaturalONE. Some preparatory steps which are required before you can start working successfully with NaturalONE.
The NaturalONE Perspective How to open the NaturalONE perspective. Brief information on the contents of this perspective.
Working with Natural Projects in Local Mode How to work with Natural projects, libraries and objects in the Eclipse workspace. How to update objects in the Natural environment (for example, on a Natural server in a mainframe environment).
Working with Natural Objects in Natural Server Mode How to make a connection to a Natural server. How to edit and manage objects directly on a Natural server.
Using the Natural Editors How to use the source editor, map editor and DDM editor. General information, for example, on how to edit data areas, on Unicode and bidirectional language support.
Using the Debugger How to debug Natural applications. How to debug Natural RPC applications and external Natural applications using a debug attach server.
Using the Data Browser How to generate data reports from Adabas or SQL databases which are available in your Natural server environment.
Using the XML Toolkit How to generate aids for the processing of XML documents within Natural.
Creating Application-Specific Messages How to write your own application-specific messages.
Generating API Documentation with NATdoc How to generate API documentation in HTML format from doc comments in the source code.
Checking Natural Code with NATstyle How to make sure that your Natural code adheres to your coding standards.
Using the Natural Profiler How to collect trace data for selected events that are performed within Natural applications.
Using the Natural Code Coverage How to enable and use the Natural Code Coverage to monitor the executed statements of a Natural application.
Using the Natural Coverage Plugin for Jenkins How to use the Natural Coverage plugin to read .ncvf files and to visualize the information stored within.
Using Natural Tools and Utilities How to start selected Natural tools and utilities from NaturalONE.
Using the LastMsg View How to use the LastMsg View.
Using SSL/TLS How to establish SSL/TLS connections with and without authentication.
Deploying Applications How to deploy NaturalONE applications using the different deployment wizards.
Setting the Preferences Information on the Natural-specific preferences.

The descriptions and screenshots in this documentation are based on the Windows version of Eclipse, but they also apply to the Linux version of Eclipse.