Starting NaturalONE

This document covers the following topics:

Starting the Software AG Designer

NaturalONE is part of the Software AG Designer.

Start of instruction setTo start the Software AG Designer in Windows

  • Choose the following from the Windows Start menu (this is the default entry which can be changed during installation):

    All Programs > Software AG > Tools > Software AG Designer 9.n

    When you start the Software AG Designer for the first time with an active Windows Firewall, several dialog boxes will appear, asking whether you want to keep blocking this program. You must choose the Unblock button in these dialog boxes.

Start of instruction setTo start the Software AG Designer under Linux

  • Run the start script naturalone from a shell.

    This start script is located in the bin directory of your installation directory. By default, this is /opt/softwareag/bin. All parameters that are specified on the command line are passed to the Designer.

    Double-click the start script. The Designer will then be started using the default parameters.

When you start the Software AG Designer for the very first time, you will see a so-called "Welcome" page. If this page is not visible, you can open it by choosing the Welcome command from the Help menu of Eclipse.

From the welcome page, you can switch to the NaturalONE perspective and you can invoke the NaturalONE documentation.

From the welcome page, you can also install sample applications. When you click on a sample application, it is copied to your workspace and shown as a new project there. For further information, see Sample Applications.

NaturalONE Perspective

In order to work with NaturalONE, you have to open the NaturalONE perspective. For further information, see Opening the NaturalONE Perspective.

License Key

NaturalONE is protected by a license key. When you install NaturalONE, you are prompted to specify the path to your license file. The license file will then be copied to the common/conf directory of your NaturalONE installation.

If the license has expired or no license file is found in the common/conf directory, some NaturalONE functionality is disabled. See also Why are certain views or editors not available? in Frequently Asked Questions.

NaturalONE may be installed with a number of optional components which derive their functionality from the license file. Therefore, if you move the NaturalONE license file to a different location, components such as EntireX are not able to find the license file and may refuse to work.

If you have installed a preliminary version for testing purposes, your license file contains an expiration date. When you decide to buy NaturalONE after the preliminary version has expired, it is not required that you install NaturalONE once more. You just have to copy the new license file which you receive for the licensed version into the common/conf directory so that it replaces the previous license file with the same name.

Restore of the Natural Server View

The Natural Server view is restored when the NaturalONE perspective is shown after the Software AG Designer has been started (or the first time you switch from another perspective to the NaturalONE perspective after the Designer has been started). When Natural environments have already been mapped (see

Accessing a Remote Development Environment) and the option Restore Natural server view is selected on the Runtime Execution page of the Natural preferences, this may take a while, especially when a large number of objects is stored on a server. A dialog box is shown in this case, indicating the restore progress. During the restore progress, you can already work with objects in other views. Up to a certain point, it is also possible to cancel the restore process.

As long as the Natural Server view has not fully been restored, the tree in this view appears gray, indicating that you cannot yet work with this view.

Natural for Eclipse Projects

Natural projects which have been created with Natural for Eclipse (NFN) cannot be used immediately with NaturalONE. You have to enable them first. For further information, see Enabling a Natural Project for NaturalONE.