Ajax Developer

This documentation, which should be used together with the Natural for Ajax documentation, describes the Ajax Developer tools that are available in the Eclipse environment for creating and maintaining complex graphical user interfaces. It is organized under the following headings:

Getting Started with Ajax Developer About the runtime environment. How to enable Ajax Developer for a project and how to create user interface components (that is, the folders containing the layouts). An overview of the files and folders that need to be checked in when using a version control system.
Layout Painter How to define page layouts with the Layout Painter. This also includes the tools which are available when the Layout Painter is active: Code Assistant, Literal Assistant, Validation Rules Editor and Formula Editor.
Language Manager How to define additional languages.
Literal Translator How to translate text IDs.
Style Sheet Editor How to create style sheets.
Control Editor How to build your own controls.
Tracing How to test the performance of a web application.
Monitoring How to monitor the sessions that are currently running.
Server Logs Viewer How to use the server logs viewer.

For information on the Conversion Rules tool and the Conversion Logs tool, see the Natural for Ajax documentation.