Installation and Customization on Mainframes

This documentation describes step by step how to install Entire Event Management on z/OS, BS2000/OSD and z/VSE. Where differences in procedure occur, these are noted under separate headings z/OS, BS2000/OSD and z/VSE.

This documentation covers the following topics:

General Information General information on installation jobs, System Maintenance Aid, prerequisites, and the installation tape.
Copying the Tape Contents to Disk How to copy the platform-specific tape contents to disk.
Installation Procedure How to install Entire Event Management.
Define Environment for Entire Event Management Server Parameter blocks and parameters for Entire Event Management.
Verify Entire Event Management Interfaces for Message Collection Messages from the System Console and messages from applications.
Natural Security Definitions About the definitions that are required when Natural Security is installed.
Entire Event Management in a Non-security Environment Considerations when Natural Security is not installed.
External Security Definitions How to set external security definitions.
Logging on to Entire Event Management for the First Time How to log on to Entire Event Management.
Importing Example Definitions How to import example definitions.
Define Entire Event Management Server in the Online Environment How to define each Entire Event Management Server in your system configuration.
Installation Verification How to verify that an Entire Event Management Server has been installed correctly.
Maintaining the Logging Database About the logged messages.