Logging on to Entire Event Management for the First Time

  1. Start Natural.

  2. Log on to the library SYSNCL.

  3. Run the MENUNCL/MENU program.

    The main menu program is called MENUNCL and resides in the library SYSNCL. MENU can also be invoked, but it resides in the library SYSSAT, from where it invokes the product-specific menu program.

    In environments with Natural Security, SYSSAT is always a steplib for SYSNCL, so that MENU will be found in SYSSAT. Use DBA as your user ID for the first logon. This user ID is added automatically to System File 2 as long as no other users are defined or no user with Administrator authorization can be found.

    If you are not using Natural Security, you have access to Entire Event Management with any user ID as long as DBA is the only user ID defined in Entire Event Management. If this is not the case, your user ID must be defined in Entire Event Management.

    If in a non-security environment MENU should be called instead of MENUNCL, you should perform one of the following changes:

    • Copy MENU from SYSSAT to SYSNCL

    • Change the direct invocations of MENU to MENUNCL.


  4. You can now create your own object definitions in Entire Event Management System File 2 or proceed as described in the section Importing Example Definitions.