Natural Business Services Administration

This documentation explains how to invoke and use the Business Service Administration subsystem for system and application administration, as well as application development. It is intended for administrators who use the subsystem to manage network communications and business services, and for developers who create and maintain business services.

It is assumed that, as an administrator, you have extensive knowledge of Natural Business Services and its supporting products.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Role of the Business Service Administration Subsystem Describes the role of the Business Service Administration subsystem in supporting Natural Business Services. It also contains information on accessing and navigating the subsystem.
Using the Business Service Administration Subsystem Describes where things are in the subsystem and how to access them.
Defining and Managing Servers Describes how to create and manage the servers that automate communication between business service components and EntireX.

The information in this section only applies when using older generated applications (done outside of NaturalONE and the RPC server).

Using the Business Service Control Record Describes how to use the business service control record to initiate, ping, and shut down servers, as well as how to enable Natural Security, specify a security exit, and adjust Entire Net-Work timeouts.
Defining Steplibs and Domains Describes how to setup the chain of step libraries and the domains. Steplib chains identify where your application libraries reside on the server; domains consist of a collection of application libraries, business services, and their associated modules.
Defining Users and Security Groups Describes how to define users, groups, and their associations. Users and groups are essential for creating a secure environment, whether you are using Natural Business Services security or Natural Security.
Setting Business Service Security Options Describes how to define security settings for domains, services, and methods on the client and in character mode (SYSBIZ). Also contains an overview of the server security options.
Using Natural Business Services Tools Describes the tools for managing the environment of Natural Business Services.
Domains Supplied with Natural Business Services Describes the business services contained in the ADMIN and INTERNAL domains, as well as those in the DEMO domain. Also explains security recommendations.
Auditing Business Services Describes the log and query options for business services.
Deploying the Administration Subsystem Describes the steps involved in deploying the Business Service Administration subsystem to run business services in production environments.
Customizing Natural Business Services Describes how to customize the default behavior of Natural Business Services.
Appendix A: Parsing Server Startup Parameters Describes how to use the BSSPARMN routine to parse the keywords specified in the Server Start parameter fields on the Maintain Servers panel.
Appendix B: Additional Error Handling Describes how to use the SPSERRN2 and SPSERRN user exits to enhance core error-processing in Natural Business Services applications.
Appendix C: Utilities Describes the utility subprograms supplied with the Business Service Administration subsystem.

This documentation does not provide information about the products listed below. It is assumed that you are either familiar with these topics or have access to other sources of information about them:

  • Natural programming language and environment

  • Natural Construct

  • EntireX

  • Entire Net-Work