This Dokument describes the purpose and use of the utilities provided by Natural.

Utilities Grouped by Purpose Lists all utilities grouped according to their purpose.
Utility Activation Describes how Natural invokes a utility.
ADACALL Issues Adabas direct calls (native commands) directly to an Adabas database.
DBLOG Logs database calls: indicates which Adabas commands, DL/I calls, SQL statements or VSAM calls are issued by a Natural program.
INPL Loads or scans Natural objects supplied by Software AG.
NATPAGE Screen Capturing Captures screens (maps and reports) during a Natural session.
NATRJE Submits JCL cards from a Natural program to the operating system for scheduling and execution.
Natural Profiler Monitors the internal process flow of a Natural application and analyzes the performance and code coverage of the application.
Object Handler Processes Natural and non-Natural objects for distribution in Natural environments. This is done by unloading the objects in the source environment into work files and loading them from work files into the target environment.
Recording Records commands and input data entered during a Natural session. Re-executes a recorded session.
SYSAPI Locates Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by Natural add-on products.
SYSBPM Monitors and controls the Natural buffer pool.
SYSCP Provides code page information and can be used to administrate code pages for Natural source objects.
SYSEDT Displays parameters and runtime information for the editor buffer pool. Modifies parameters and deletes logical work and recovery files.
SYSERR Creates application-specific messages. In addition, it can be used to modify the texts of the existing Natural system messages (not recommended).
SYSEXT Locates Natural Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
SYSEXV Provides examples of the new features of the current Natural versions.
SYSMAIN Performs object operations in Natural such as copy, move and delete.
SYSNCP Defines command-driven navigation systems for Natural applications.
SYSPARM Creates and maintains Natural parameter profiles.
SYSRDC Enables a Natural application to record monitoring and accounting data on the processing flow.
SYSRPC Establishes and maintains Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) environments.
SYSTP Monitors and controls TP-monitor-specific characteristics of Natural.

See also SYSDDM Utility in the Editors documentation.