SYSTP Utility

The SYSTP utility is used to monitor and control characteristics of Natural that are specific to TP monitors.

The SYSTP utility provides functions that are available in most environments, under most TP monitors. They are described in General SYSTP Functions.

The SYSTP utility provides additional functions for the following TP monitors:

  • CICS

  • IMS TM

  • TIAM and openUTM

These environment-dependent functions are described in the relevant sections of the SYSTP Utility documentation.

In this documentation, openUTM is referred to as UTM.

The SYSTP Utility documentation is organized in the following parts:

Invoking SYSTP and Executing Functions
Using SYSTP Utility Screens
General SYSTP Functions
SYSTP Functions under CICS
SYSTP Functions under IMS TM
SYSTP Functions under TIAM and UTM
SYSTP in Batch for CICS Sessions