Object Handler

The Object Handler is designed to process Natural and non-Natural objects for distribution in Natural environments. This is done by unloading the objects in the source environment into work files and loading them from work files into the target environment.

The Object Handler documentation is organized in the following parts:

General Information on the Object Handler Invoking the Object Handler in batch or online mode; applying Natural Security.
Functions Using the Object Handler menu functions: unload, load, restart load, scan, view, find and administration.
Object Specification Specifying the objects to be processed with Object Handler menu functions: Natural Library Objects, Natural System Error Messages, Natural Command Processors, DDMs, Natural-Related Objects, FDTs.
Settings Specifying option and parameter settings for Object Handler menu functions.
Workplans Using standard procedures to execute Object Handler functions.
Name, Date and Time Specification Specifying names, dates, times and ranges.
Work Files Work files used by the Object Handler.
Direct Commands Using direct commands to perform Object Handler functions.
Batch Condition Codes and User Exit Routines Condition codes and user exit routines provided in batch mode.
Tools Displaying status information and setting trace and report options.
Profile Settings Setting up a profile to define individual defaults and standard procedures.
Migration from NATUNLD/NATLOAD and SYSTRANS to the Object Handler Migrating from the utilities NATUNLD/NATLOAD and SYSTRANS to the Object Handler.