Installing ConnecX SQL Gateway

This section describes how to install ConnecX SQL Gateway, including all of its prerequisite components.

This document provides the following information:

Overview of the Installation Process Provides an overview about the installation process.
System Requirements Describes ConnecX SQL Gateway system requirements.
Installation Steps Describes the steps required to install ConnecX SQL Gateway and its components.
Configuring CXGSERV Describes configuration steps you must take for the ConnecX Multiclient Subsystem (CXGSERV) component before you administer or use it.
Configuring CXGCICS Describes configuration steps you can take for the ConnecX Attachment Facility (CXGCICS) component before you use it.
Installing and Configuring CXGCONM Describes installation, configuration, and usage information for the ConnecX Connect Manager (CXGCONM) component.
CICS Configuration Information Describes CICS configuration information you should consider before using ConnecX SQL Gateway.
Validating the Installation Describes how to validate your ConnecX SQL Gateway installation.