Overview of the Installation Process

The ConnecX SQL Gateway installation tool performs the installation of all of its components: the ConnecX Multiclient Subsystem (CXGSERV) and the ConnecX Attachment Facility (CXGCICS).

The ConnecX SQL Gateway requires the installation of its CXGSERV and CXGCICS components. In addition the CXGSERV component must be installed before the CXGCICS component can be installed.

The installation of each component consists of three phases:

  1. Preparation: Values are supplied in relevant input fields. Note that all user input is converted to uppercase.

  2. Transfer: The component artifacts (CNTL and OBJECT) are transferred to the target z/OS system via FTP.

  3. Installation: The component is installed by submitting the generated JCL provided in the dsnhlq.component.CNTL data set on the target z/OS system.

During the transfer and installation phases, the following three data sets are allocated for the component being installed (if they do not already exist). Possible component names are CXGSERV and CXGCICS.

Data Set Contents
dsnhlq.component.CNTL Installation JCL, configuration parameters, sample programs.
dsnhlq.component.LOAD Load modules
dsnhlq.component.OBJECT Object modules