A product version is identified by the first two digits of the versioning number. Software AG distinguishes between major and minor versions according to the amount of functionality or technology added to the product. All other digits indicate correction levels.

In the product documentation, the notations vrs, vr, or simply v are often used as placeholders for the current product version, for example, in data set or module names.

Placeholder Meaning Definition
v version Major Version

The first digit of the product version number indicates major architecture and functionality implementation or enhancement that adds value to the product.

r release Minor Version

The second digit of the version number indicates new or enhanced functionality that adds value to the product.

s system maintenance level Correction Level

Correction levels contain error corrections only, without new functionality, including documentation of all modifications and repairs.

In case it is necessary to include functional changes into a correction level, an exception handling process ensures that corresponding quality assurance activities are triggered. These functional changes are documented. The main goal is to avoid impacts when you install such a correction level.

The third number of an Adabas version denotes the system maintenance level.

On certain platforms supported by Adabas, additional levels may exist, such as update package, patch level, service pack and hot fix.