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About Custom Folders and Pages
Creating Custom Pages
Editing an Existing Page
Page Properties
Controlling the Page Layout
Adding Rows When Using a Column Layout
Removing Rows When Using a Column Layout
Adding Portlets to a Page
Removing Portlets from a Page
Positioning Portlets on a Page
Portlet Properties
Modifying Portlet Properties
Managing Portlet Aliases
Wiring the Property of One Portlet to the Property of Another
Wiring a Principal Attribute to a Portlet Property
You can create custom folders and pages that My webMethods Server serves as webpages. To My webMethods Server both are functionally equivalent; that is, My webMethods Server displays the contents of both as portlets on a webpage. You decide whether to use a folder or page based on how you intend to use it. Use a folder if you want a container that holds other folders and pages. Use a page if you want to display information.
Create custom pages when you need a page that you would consider permanent, that is to be used for a long period of time. If you need a page that is not intended to be permanent and that you can use as a work area, it is more appropriate to use a workspace. For information, see Managing Workspaces in My webMethods Server.
To add content to a page, you drag and drop portlets on to the page. You can position the portlets where you want, size them, and set their properties. You can make the page dynamic by using wiring:
*You can wire the property of one portlet to the property of another. By doing so, when the property in the source portlet is set, the change is automatically reflected in the destination portlet.
*You can wire information about the user accessing the custom page to portlet properties. For example, if you have a portlet that displays the weather, you can wire the postal code attribute from a user profile to the postal code property of the weather portlet. As a result, when the user displays the page, My webMethods Server automatically uses the postal code from the user’s profile to set the postal code property of the weather portlet and the user’s local weather displays.
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