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Modifying Portlet Properties
Configure portlet properties to specify display settings for the portlet and define how the portlet functions. You configure the properties for a portlet independently from the properties of the page on which the portlet resides.
To modify portlet properties
1. As system administrator, navigate to and open the page containing the portlets you want to update.
2. In the page title bar, click Tools > Edit Page to switch to page editing mode.
3. If the title bar of the portlet you want to update is hidden, select the View As Expert check box so that you can see the title bar.
4. In the portlet title bar, click Tools > Properties.
5. Make the changes you want to the properties. For information about the properties, see Portlet Properties.
6. At the bottom of the portlet, click Apply.
7. Click Save.
If the title bar of the portlet you want to update is visible, you can update the portlet’s property without switching to page editing mode. To view a portlet’s properties while in regular view mode, in the portlet title bar click Tools > Properties.
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