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Adding Portlets to a Page
You can add as many portlets as you want to a page. You can also add the same portlet multiple times. Where you can position a portlet on a page depends on the page layout. For more information, see Controlling the Page Layout and Positioning Portlets on a Page.
To add portlets to a page
1. As system administrator, navigate to and open the page to which you want to add portlets.
2. In the page title bar, click Tools > Edit Page to switch to page editing mode.
In page editing mode, the Tools tab on the left lists the portlets you can add to a page. Many of the portlets listed in the Tools tab are described in the My webMethods Server Portlet Reference.
3. If you want to view the column, row, and portlet borders to help with the placement of your portlets, select the View As Expert check box. Clear the check box when you no longer want to view the borders.
4. In the Tools tab select the portlet you want to add and drag it on to the page.
The system displays a red box beneath the cursor position to indicate where the portlet would be positioned if you released the mouse button.
5. Click Save.
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