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Wiring a Principal Attribute to a Portlet Property
Users and groups have a set of Principal Attributes that you can wire to a portlet. For example, suppose a portlet uses a postal code to display certain information when a user views a page. If the postal code is provided by wiring from a Principal Attribute Provider, when the postal code attribute is modified within a directory service, the portlet uses the modified attribute value.
To wire a Principal Attribute to a portlet
1. As system administrator, navigate to and open the page containing the portlet you want to wire.
2. In the page title bar, click Tools > Edit Page to switch to page editing mode.
3. If the title bar of the portlet is hidden, select the View As Expert check box so that you can see the title bar.
4. In the portlet title bar of the portlet, click Tool > Properties.
5. Click the Wiring tab.
6. For a target property that you want to wire, in the SOURCE PORTLET column, select Other.
The Select Portlet Resource window opens.
7. Click Global Wiring Data.
8. Move Use Profile Wiring to the Selected Items box and click Select.
The Select Portlet Resource window closes.
9. In the SOURCE PROPERTY column, specify the specific property to use for the source.
a. Click Browse.
The Select Wired Property window opens.
b. Select the property you want to use from the list.
c. Click Select.
10. Click Apply.
11. Click Save.
The portlet is now wired to use the attribute value belonging to the user who viewing the page on which the portlet resides.
If the title bar of the portlet is visible, you can wire the portlet without switching to page editing mode. To view the wiring page for a portlet, in the portlet title bar click Tools > Wiring.
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