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Positioning Portlets on a Page
Where you can position portlets on a page depends on the page layout.
*When using a column layout (e.g., Three Columns), the layout forces the portlets to be aligned within the columns. You can move portals up and down within a column or from one column to another.
*When using a free form layout, you can move portlets anywhere within the page. Portlets do not have to be aligned and can overlap one another.
For instructions for how to define the page layout, see Controlling the Page Layout.
To position a portlet on a page
1. As system administrator, navigate to and open the page you want to update.
2. In the page title bar, click Tools > Edit Page to switch to page editing mode.
3. If the title bar of the portlet you want to reposition is hidden, select the View As Expert check box so that you can see the title bar.
4. Move your cursor over the title bar of the portlet you want to reposition until the system displays the move cursor.
5. Click and drag the portlet to the new location.
The system displays a red box beneath the cursor position to indicate where the portlet would be positioned if you released the mouse button.
6. Click Save.
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