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Working with Collaboration Tasks
Creating a Collaboration Task
Viewing a Collaboration Task
Opening a Task on the Collaboration Tab
Modifying the Collaboration Task Display
Modifying a Collaboration Task
Deleting a Collaboration Task
Searching for Collaboration Tasks
With proper permissions, you can create and assign collaboration tasks—these tasks can also be created and assigned by a running business process. These dynamically created new tasks enable other users to provide assistance in completing a parent task. For more information about collaboration tasks, see About Collaboration Tasks, and webMethods BPM Task Development Help.
To enhance this collaborative environment, tasks provide users with the ability to add comments and attachments to task in the run-time environment. For more information, see Working with Comments and Attachments in the Comments Tab.
To be able to create a collaboration task from a running task:
*The task type must be enabled as a collaboration task parent.
*One or more task types must be specified for use as collaboration tasks.
For information about enabling these options, see:
* Disabling and Enabling Task Collaboration.
* Specifying Allowed Collaboration Tasks.