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Viewing a Collaboration Task
Collaboration tasks are, in general, just like other tasks that you work with in My webMethods, and can be viewed in all of the same locations:
*In My Inbox
*In a task type inbox
*In Task List Management
If the Collaboration Task column is in the results display, The collaboration icon identifies each collaboration task. This column is not present by default; you can add it by clicking Properties in the results window menu. For information about working with these areas, see Where to Find Tasks in My webMethods.
You can also view and open collaboration tasks on the Collaboration tab of the parent task. Depending on the permissions granted to you, you may not have access to all of the collaboration tasks.
If you are the user who started the first collaboration task in a parent task, you are the owner of the collaboration process in which all the collaboration tasks are running, and you will have access to all of the collaboration tasks.
You can also view process, step, task, audit, and comment information on the collaboration process Details page.
For more information, see About Collaboration Tasks, and Administering Task Types.