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Specifying Allowed Collaboration Tasks
Collaboration tasks can be started automatically within a business process, or manually by a user from within an existing task that is enabled for collaboration. For more information about these two approaches, see How Collaboration Tasks Differ from Standard Tasks.
To start a collaboration task manually, the user must specify a task type that will determine what kind of collaboration task instance will be created. The available task types are specified on the Task Type Details page for each task type.
*To specify allowed collaboration tasks
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration. All of the task types available in My webMethods are displayed in the Task Configuration window.
2. Click the link in the Task Type ID column.
3. On the Task Type Details panel, select the task types you want to make available in the Available list and move them to the Selected list.
This functionality is disabled until the task collaboration option is enabled.
4. Click Update. The selected task types will be available to the user in the Collaboration Task Type list on the New Collaboration Task panel.